Below are testimonials from just a few of our satisfied customers.

RE: Renew 4000

Dear Nick: Add me to your list of very satisfied and impressed customers. Our company is a service company which has been involved in the ceiling and wall cleaning business since 1994. The products provided to us by Green Dolphin have proven extremely effective over the years. The main product we use from Green Dolphin, RENEW 4000 Ceiling Tile & Wall Cleaner, cleans ceilings & walls like no other product we have used. This product is used extensively for our maintenance program with the likes of Loblaws, Loeb, The Ottawa Hospital, Tim Hortons etc. We are pleased to recommend your products to others without hesitation. Yours, Truly

Environorth Canada Inc.
Craig Sintic,President

RE: Cleaner Degreaser, Bio Degreaser

Dear Mr. Plessas Re: Report on Products for testing, namely: – Graffex 3000. Stripper. Gum & Wax Remover, Orange Cleaner Degreaser, Bio Degreaser Bio Degreaser This product was given to our janitorial division who tested it at various locations during the past month. We are told that the product performed very well and in accordance with the claims made by Green Dolphin Orange Cleaner This product was tested by our janitorial division and was used in the cleaning of washrooms, staff cafeteria, floors and woodwork, it work well and lived up to its claims Gum & Wax Remover We have not as yet tested this product. Graffex 3000 We have tested this product under every condition in the field, from street furniture to pad mounted equipment to prefabricated concrete, poured concrete, brickwork, painted surfaces, cut stone and signage. It is most effective on water-based latex paints, marker pens; paint ball splashes on concrete and pre fab concrete It is extremely good at removing marker pen writing on pad mounted equipment and from experience we think that it is probably the most effective product we have used, it dissolves the ink instantly and when wiped away it leaves no shadow.

Janitorial Solutions
Happy Customer

RE: Green Dolphin Deodorizer

Subject: Freshness All Around: Green Dolphin Deodorizer Review Grace, Thank you so much for introducing me to Green Dolphin, it is so amazing, definitely a game-changer in my household and for my listings. As a real estate agent, a fresh home is key in the selling process. The label says it’s for garbage bins but I’ve used it everywhere, from freshening up carpets and furniture to banishing odours from washrooms and yes those grimy garbage bins too. I love that it deodorizers and leaves a subtle fresh scent behind, unlike others that just mask odors, this one tackles them head-on. > > > One of the things I love most about this deodorizer is its versatility. Whether it’s pet odors embedded in the carpet, mustiness in the upholstery, or the lingering stench in the garbage bins, the Green Dolphin Deodorizer works its magic effortlessly. Just a few spritzes and the nasty odors vanish into thin air. Overall, I can’t recommend the Green Dolphin Deodorizer enough. I would highly recommend this product.

Real Estate

RE: Fire Safe 108

Dear James, Over the past two years Green Dolphin Systems Corp. has been supplying A.B Painting with two products the Montana’s Exterior Stain and Fire Safe 108 Wood fire retardant. We have been more than satisfied with what the results of these products provide to our client. As quality and reputation is very important to us. Promoted service has always been provided and we would not hesitate to recommend the Green Dolphin Fire Safe 108 Wood and Exterior Stain. We know that using this product will substantially reduce the cost of damage resulting from fires and help in maintaining the look and beauty of the restaurants. We look forward to continuing doing business with Green Dolphin Systems. Sincerely,

A.B. Painting
Angelo Batras

RE: Acry Seal

We at KINGSTON’S PETRO-CANADA have been very pleased with the anti slip avent that was applied to our dired locations. We had a major problem with customer’s slipping on our floors winter and summer and since the floor treatment it has not been any problem.

Petro Canada

RE: Fire Safe 108

This letter is written with respect to the service that you have provided to the Toronto Zoo recently. We are very happy and satisfied with the application of the “Fire Safe 108 Wood (Clear) Flame Retardant” by Green Dolphin System Corp. on our Boma Fences at the Bush Camp location. We are very impressed with your services, workmanship and co-operation. Even though only time will tell how effective and lasting the materials are. You have a very organized and efficient teamwork that finished the job on schedule and on budget. A stamped certificate was given to us promptly upon completion of the work. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to other organizations. Yours truly,

Toronto Zoo
Paul Harpley,Project Manager

RE: Acry Seal

Dear Nick: We want to express our satisfaction on a job well done in August 2004, by the crew at Green Dolphin Systems in sealing and providing the required special effect on the new exposed aggregate concrete pavement and the ramp at the Benares Historic House (XIX century heritage property and public museum)1507 Clarkson Rd. N. in Mississauga. The unique concrete pavement was specifically treated to create the appearance of a rustic surface to match the historic environment of the museum property and to protect the new installation. The protective coating of Green Dolphin’s Acry Seal is maintaining it very well and also proving an excellent non-slip property, which was crucial for this public property. We look forward to calling on you for future projects, and we would not hesitate to recommend your product and your company for the professional service we received.

City Of Mississauga

RE: Car Wash & Wax, Air-O-Kleen

Dear Nick At John’s Unique, we would like to express our complete satisfaction on the Green Dolphin TM products. These products are of high quality and have performed with incredible results for us Bio-Degreaser: We have found this to be an excellent product in the cleaning on car carpets and fabric seats. For both applications it has removed heavy-dury stains leaving the interior looking brand new. Car Wash with Wax: This product is applied by hand and we have vet to discover another product that is superior.., and we have tried many Air-O-Kleen: It eliminates odor and smoke residue on porous surfaces This is an EXCELLENT PRODUCT! The above products are used in our day-to-day operations, and they are all fantastic ! customers often pass comments that their vehicle has never looked and smelled bet. Any company in the car cleaning and auto body care business should absolutely consider using these Green Dolphin TM products. We would highly recommend them, -Best Regards

John’s Unique Auto Body
Job Tsoumaris President

RE: Fire safe 108, Fire Safe 701, GD Top Coat

Dear Nick: We have been using green dolphin stains and fire coating materials for years and think the product and service are very good and would recommend their services to others. Thank you

Dynamic Decorating

RE: Cleaning Products

To Whom It May Concern: Global Ceiling Care has been using Green Dolphins Corporation cleaning products for 8 1/2 years, cleaning the ceiling tiles for Wal-Mart Corporation. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to give us a call. Thank You

Global Ceiling Care

RE: Fire Safe 701

Before our facility was to open the Toronto Fire Marshall required a fire safe application and certificate. James Kouvarakos, the technical expert at Green Dolphin was a huge help in identifying what was required and the correct products for our application. All the fabric within the restaurant was treated with the Green Dolphin Fire Safe 701 for use on fabric. The work was completed as per quoted, and the team who applied the application provide us with an excellent job. Upon having the restaurant re-inspection once the application had been completed the Fire Inspector was very satisfied with the Green Dolphin Fire Safe 701 for Fabric. We have no hesitation recommending Green Dolphin or using them again when required. Sincerely

Ultra Supper Club

RE: Renew 4000

Dear Max, Per your request I am forwarding this letter regarding the ‘Renew’ cleaning solutions that my company has used for many years. Are Ceiling pro we have tried several different suppliers and a few of our own formulas. We have never been able to come close to the products that you have supplied us, specifically the Renew products for cleaning ceilings, of course Target stores, Kroger, Meijer superstores, Home Depots have all enjoyed the benefits of my companies application using your products. We have successfully secured service contracts with some of the largest health networks in the Midwest using these same said Renew products, Please keep plenty of these products on the gholf, as you know we purchase them at a level at not less than 27 cagar per order. Keep up the good work. Respectfully, CARRELL SHROUD

Ceiling Pro
Darrell Schiedol, President

RE: Fabric Fresh 101, Ultra Renew

Dear Nick, In my 27 years of experience in the professional garment cleaning industry I would like to let you know that The Ultra Renew laundry detergent is an excellent product. I have been using it for five months and am extremely satisfied with its performance. It works amazing at various temperature settings. Most impressive on the shirt laundry side is that I do not scrub any collars. At 125 Fahrenheit, soil is removed without any post spotting. My experience with Fabric Fresh 101 has also been positive. Primarily when cleaning sports equipment, and with clothing infected with smoke and fire damage. Odor is completely removed. In my 27 years of experience in the professional garment cleaning industry I would like to let you know that The Ultra Renew laundry detergent is an excellent product. I have been using it for five months and am extremely satisfied with its performance. It works amazing at various temperature settings. Most impressive on the shirt laundry side is that I do not scrub any collars. At 125 Fahrenheit, soil is removed without any post spotting. My experience with Fabric Fresh 101 has also been positive. Primarily when cleaning sports equipment, and with clothing infected with smoke and fire damage. Odor is completely removed. Ultra Renew, Fabric Fresh 101, GLIDE-D, and GLIDE-C meet my three most important needs. Price, performance, and ecology. Sincerely, Dino Kantzavelos

TSC Wetclean
Dino Kantzavelos

RE: Fire Safe 701

Dear James, The Fire Marshall was conducting a fire safety inspection. It was mandatory that the draperics at our Mississauga location be treated with a Flame retardant treatment. The Hampton Inn appreciated the immediate and quick service that Green Dolphin provided with the application of the Fire Safe 701. Upon completion Green Dolphin issue a Fire Retardant certificate that validated the completion of the Fire Safc 701 meeting the Fire Prevention regulations. The Green Dolphin team who applied the application was tidy and very professional and we would not hesitate to recommend or use them again for any future projects. Thank you again for your immediate attention and quick service. Best Regards

Hampton INN
Sivarajah Kumar

RE: Renew 4000

To Whom It May Concern: We have used the Green Dolphin Porous Cleaner for ceiling cleaning at Wal-Mart and various restaurants including Taco Bell, Applebee’s and Hooter’s. We have also used the Renew 4000 and Turbo Clean for degreasing the walls and floors in various restaurants Sincerely,

Ceiling Masters
Elame Barron

RE: Fabric Fresh 101, Fabric Fresh 201

Dear Mr. Jang: On behalf of our associated members I wish to thank you and your company for the Green Dolphin products that we began to use last year as part of a group buying program. Green Dolphin Low Suds, Fabric Fresh 101 & Fabric Fresh 201 have proven to be excellent products both in terms of price and performance. Our members have been very pleased with both of these aspects of your product line. As such, we will definitely be using your Green Dolphin products again when the time comes this summer to do another round of group purchasing. Thank you again from myself and all of our associated KDA of Canada member stores. We look forward to a long and prosperous association with you and Green Dolphin. Sincerely,

Korean Dry Cleaning Association
Andrew T. Kim,President

RE: Paint Stripper

We also tried to remove glue and adhesive residue from pad mounted equipment and had mixed results. It was not effective on old sun baked paints, or on oil based paints. We are convinced that this product can be used as a tool in fighting graffiti. Stripper This product was field tested on concrete, metal railings, prefab concrete, cut stone, hydro poles, pad mounted equipment, painted stone surfaces, ceramic tile walkways, bridge poured concrete. The product worked extremely well on ceramic tile, hydro poles, pad mounted equipment, painted wall surfaces, metal railings. markers. It was not effective on cut stone surfaces, brickwork or poured concrete. Dwell time was up to one half hour and when pressured washed had no effect. It seems to work most effectively on latex paints. It had little or no effect on oil based paints. We believe that it also has a place in the removal of graffiti. In conclusion the products generally are very good at what they do and when they work they really work. A more thorough long-term study can be performed to document exactly the limits of the graffiti products and at some point we may have to have them boosted to deliver the result desired from technicians working in the field. We take this opportunity to express our gratitude to you Mr. Plessas for allowing us to test these fine products. Very truly yours,

Graffiti Restoration Group Inc.
Patrick J. Mooney President.

RE: Enviro-OXI

Last month I purchased one of your products (Enviro-Oxy Natural Stain & Odor Remover). The main reason I bought it, is that it is environmentally friendly. Two weeks ago I inadvertently spilled hair dye (dark brown) on my beige carpets, which are less than one year old. Much to my delight and surprise, I applied the Enviro-Oxy as directed and the stain was completely gone. Thank you for a wonderful product. Sincerely yours, A happy Customer

Enviro OXI Customer
Mrs. M. Besner

RE: Fire Safe 108

Approximately three years ago, Green Dolphin Systems Corporation sprayed two ceilings in Richmond Hill United Church with Flame Retardant materials. One ceiling, approximately 2400 ft., was finished with ceiling tiles and the other, approximately 600 ft., was finished with wooden boards. The work was very satisfactorily completed with minimum disruption to our activities. Yours truly,

Richmond Hill United Church
J. H. Bosomworth,Chair-Property Committee

RE: Enviro-OXI

We contracted Lindsey Peck to clean our existing ceiling tiles, because the cost of tile replacement was too great. We should have taken before and after photographs. The difference is like night and day. A good clean and fresh look was given to our ceiling and the store looks brighter and cleaner. We are very satisfied with the outcome.

Home Hardware
Tim Sabean,Assistant General Manager