Water-based Intumescent Technology


Green Dolphin's Fire Safe™ product line has been sold globally, over the past 30 years.

All Fire Safe products are water-based and do not contain solvents, or petroleum ingredients.  

We are committed to the environment:

• No use of harmful toxic chemicals
• Safe to use and easy to handle
• Safe for the environment




Our main-stay fire retardant products are:


Fire Safe 108 Woodhas been specified into some of the most notable projects and continues to be used in numerous retail stores, restaurants, public buildings and facilities, whether for new build, or renovations.

Fire Safe 701 Fabric - is used to treat a variety of fabrics for upholstery, drapery, wallcovering, ceiling, exhibits, table cloths, etc., for use in wherever fire codes are enforced.

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disaster restoration.jpg



Disaster Restoration clean-up requires a multitude of specialty chemicals.  Our line-up includes

  • odour eliminators for surfaces, fabrics and airbourne malodours

  • degreasers for soot, oil, grease and grime

  • bacterial laden products for tackling organic waste and sewage

  • oxygenated cleaners for some of the toughest stains

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